Program Instructors


Are you a teacher?

An informal educator?

Someone who likes to work with children?

As we continue to expand and grow, we need MORE instructors with a passion for science to teach our hands-on programs.

Our instructors teach day camps, after school clubs or full day workshops. This is an excellent opportunity for pre-service teachers in the Elementary Education or Secondary Education program. Your first-hand experiences will prove invaluable to building your teaching skills! If you are interested, contact for more information or to request an application. We accept applications year round.

Gateway to Science also accepts program proposals year-round. Our instructors are community members from many walks of life, from teachers to engineers, college students to retirees. We typically offer summer camps of 3-5 days from late May into August. If you have an idea for something different than what we offer, please send it to us. We love new ideas!

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