Preschool Discovery Hour

Preschool Discovery Hour is a unique program for your Preschooler (ages 3-K). It allows them to informally learn science concepts with their favorite adult, without the pressure of understanding everything. Your child gets small concepts now that allow them to make real-world connections in their future. The sessions are fun and hands-on for both you and your child. Many parents leave Preschool Discovery Hour with great ideas to try at home!

Please join us and see for yourself how much fun you and your budding scientist will have! Each week’s lesson can stand alone, so come when you can and don’t worry when you can’t! No preregistration is required.

Preschool Discovery Hour is from 10:30 – 11:15 am. Check the schedule for dates.

Preschool Discovery Hour is for children ages 3 years – Kindergarten and their parent or other favorite adult. We allow up to two children per adult. Each child will be charged separately.

Preschool Discovery Hour is FREE for Gateway to Science members. Non-Members may pay $7.00 per session or purchase a punch card for six sessions @ $35.00. Punch cards allow you the flexibility to attend when you are available and are discounted from the weekly rate. You may purchase your punch card online and we will hold it for you at the Gateway to Science admission desk.

Buy your punch card here.

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If you are planning to participate in additional programs during the next year, please consider purchasing an annual membership. Become a Member!

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