Joel and Dr. Linda Gutensohn believe in the power of engaging curious young children in science inquiries and hands-on investigations to deepen STEM knowledge and to develop positive attitudes. Linda is a member of the Board of Directors and past president for Gateway to Science. She is a retired associate professor from the University of Mary and early childhood and elementary teacher. Joel is a retired Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Resident Agent in Charge and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Federal Security Director. They have been members of Gateway to Science for many years, actively participating in a variety of fundraising events to promote access for all children to participate readily and enthusiastically in STEM exploration.

As a long-time educator, Linda defends literacy to be the most important educational tool that opens windows of opportunities for all children. Literacy not only deepens knowledge but also develops critical thinking skills. When a four-year-old asked her, “Why doesn’t the moon fall out of the sky?” she understood that young children have profound questions to ask and as teachers, parents, and grandparents we have the duty to help them find the answers and to encourage reasoning and communication skills. Joel and Linda are pleased to donate 300 books for the library area that will provide information about a wide variety of topics to include animals, plants, insects, rocks and soil, weather and seasons, habitats, oceans, stars and planets, inventors and inventions, math investigations and mathematicians. Along with their pledge to the Capital Campaign, Joe and Linda hope that this investment of children’s literature will provide important resources that will support children’s wonder of their world and universe.

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