Krypto, resident bearded dragon of Gateway to Science, passed away on Saturday, July 14, 2012. Many guests and staff will remember Krypto as the dragon with an attitude. At approximately 9 years old he had his own way of communicating; if he didn’t want anyone around, a quick swat would deter unwanted pests. If he wanted some TLC, some loving eyes in your direction would be his cue. Krypto not only was a pet, but a large part of our education in the gallery. Students would gather around and watch as Krypto ate. They learned about the diet and his natural habitat. This cold-blooded critter had a great molting stage this past winter, and students were fascinated at how his skin would “renew” and the pieces that were left behind to be studied. Krypto has been returned to his previous owner for his final resting home and we are thankful for the joy he brought to us all!

Gerri, Communications
Arin, Educational Outreach Coordinator

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