Gateway to Science is one of fourteen nonprofit organizations in the region to be awarded the Impact Foundation’s High Impact Seal of Distinction.

The High Impact Seal of Distinction recognizes nonprofit organizations whose executive and board leadership has demonstrated a sincere commitment to producing superior results for the people of our region by improving their performance in five key areas of nonprofit management – Purpose, Platform, People, Resources and Results.

This innovative program, initially funded by the Bush Foundation, was piloted by Impact Foundation from 2009-2011, to build the capacity of nonprofit leaders to take their organizations from functioning well, to superior performing, high impact organizations.

To attain the High Impact Seal of Distinction, nonprofit executives and board members devoted hundreds of hours to complete a series of rigorous trainings, conducted an in-depth organizational assessment, developed measurable plans to improve their organizational effectiveness, and implemented key practices to dramatically improve results for the people they serve.

The nonprofit executives and board members who participated in the program are better equipped leaders, highly capable of engaging their organizations and their communities to more effectively address important societal problems.

High Impact Seal of Distinction

L to R - Julie Haugen, Impact Institute, Beth Demke & Frank Koch, Gateway to Science, Pat Traynor, Dakota Medical Foundation

Beth Demke, Executive Director, and three Gateway to Science board members received individual High Impact Seal of Distinction awards for perfect attendance at all program sessions. Once awarded, this High Impact Seal of Distinction travels with the individual, serving as a testament to both their dedication and their understanding of what it takes to be a truly high impact organization. Board members awarded the High Impact Seal of Distinction: Randy Binegar, Karol Riedman and Karen Traeholt.

Impact Foundation will continue to offer the High Impact Seal Program with support from Dakota Medical Foundation. Impact Foundation’s mission is to build the capacity of nonprofits, businesses and individuals to maximize their societal impact. Learn more at

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